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Welcome to United Running! Even as a novice runner you are only a couple of weeks away from being able to run 5k (kilometers)! Can you imagine?

United Running is an informative website for both beginners and experienced marathon runners who want to improve their running results, train for a race or just want to have more fun running or jogging. Sign up for the program, create your own personal running schedule, do some advanced body and running calculations, find and create cool running routes, and have some fun.

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About us
United Running is developed by in2sports, the leading European technology company that helps elite athletes and novice fitness enthusiasts to advance their fitness and skill level through accurate and instant feedback, top flight coaching and motivation customized to each individual’s idiosyncrasies.

We offer you triathlon training programs that work! We cater for ALL ABILITY LEVELS (from beginner to elite), WORLDWIDE. Our programs are designed by professional triathletes & coaches who know what it takes and have the results to prove it. Whether you want to win, improve your personal record or simply finish a race, our triathlon experts offer you the customized tools to achieve your goals for free!